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    For a week

    starting at 12 o clock, I wont be on any social networks.. I’ve been too dependant on them. Using them as a gateway to friendship and etc.

    I haven’t had the chance to find out what interested me. Or what made me not whoop off in someones ass for a while..

    Atleast I haven’t been crying on here and shit like I used to. lmao -__- I let go that bitchasssness cause it hasn’t showed me anything but the fact that I can be a lil fuck face sometimes

    and half of the people I thought were cool didnt do shit for me but make it worse. what the fuck purpose do you serve if you can’t help me out the downs? you just contribute to it and down me even more.

    but thats what I get for trying to live through other people and not myself. misery nshyt.

    but 5 days is all I need…

    sooo Monday 12:00 AM - Saturday 12:00 AM.

    catch ya on the flip side!


    sooooo I need some interesting people to follow.. not the ones who reblog EVERYTHING, probably the ones who get reblogged constantly though.. I need people on twitter as well..

    follow me

    "Don’t knock the hustle, shine the struggle."
    What you know about Keith Haring?

    What you know about Keith Haring?


    is the worst… =/

    Young cat, Old dog style. 2010 eh?

    Young cat, Old dog style. 2010 eh?

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